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Aya Sol Center

Welcome to Aya Sol Center – Your Sanctuary for Spiritual Exploration and Healing!

At Aya Sol, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing. Nestled in the heart of tranquility, our center is a haven for those seeking a deeper connection to their inner selves and a profound exploration of spiritual growth.

🌿Discover Your Inner Light:

Aya Sol Center is dedicated to guiding individuals toward a path of self-discovery, providing a space where you can reconnect with your inner light. Our holistic approach to spiritual exploration encompasses ancient wisdom, modern practices, and a nurturing environment designed to support your personal journey.

✨Healing for Mind, Body, and Spirit:

Immerse yourself in a harmonious blend of ancient traditions and contemporary healing modalities. From mindfulness practices to energy healing sessions, our experienced facilitators are here to guide you on a holistic journey towards balance, restoration, and a renewed sense of well-being.

🌺Sacred Spaces and Nature's Embrace:

Our center is nestled in the embrace of nature, providing a serene backdrop for your spiritual exploration. Our sacred spaces are designed to inspire introspection and connection, offering a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

💞Customized Programs for Your Journey:

Whether you're a seasoned spiritual seeker or just beginning your exploration, Aya Sol Center offers customized programs tailored to meet you where you are on your path. Our diverse range of workshops, retreats, and individual sessions provide a unique and enriching experience for every participant.

🌈Community and Connection:

Join a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for spiritual growth and healing. Aya Sol Center is not just a destination; it's a supportive community where connections are forged, and journeys are shared.

Join Us:

Powerful Events

We provide powerful events like our Moms' Healing Circles,
Full Moon Ceremonies, Community Drum Circles and Guided Readings to create a unique space for natural methods of healing. Each of these events are guided by an experienced facilitator to create an environment where everyone feels welcomed and supported on their journey through life.

Individual Sessions

For those wanting extra guidance and support on their journey towards healing, Erin offers individual sessions and provides a safe space to explore the depths of your inner wisdom.

Spirit Guides, Ancestors & Angel Readings

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery through Spirit Guide, Ancestor, and Angel Readings with Erin Hansen. Whether in person or over Zoom, Erin serves as a channel for ancient wisdom, connecting you with your guides and ancestors to illuminate your path.

In the sacred space she creates, Erin invites you to open your heart and mind, allowing the spiritual realms to unfold before you. As a conduit for divine guidance, she taps into the energies of your spirit guides, ancestors, and angels, leaving you in awe and elevated to a different level of understanding.

These readings are not merely sessions; they are experiences that transcend the ordinary. Erin's intuitive connection with the unseen world brings forth messages that resonate with the very essence of your being. Prepare to be moved, inspired, and guided as the wisdom of your guides and ancestors unfolds, unveiling the profound tapestry of your soul's journey.

Whether seeking clarity, guidance, or simply a connection to the higher realms, Erin's Spirit Guide, Ancestor, and Angel Readings offer a transformative experience that leaves you touched by the divine. Open yourself to the whispers of the unseen, and let the journey begin.

Spiritual Healing

Step into a realm of profound healing and transformation with Erin Hansen, where the sacred meets the spiritual in a journey of awakening and renewal. Through her spiritual and shamanic healing sessions, Erin channels the wisdom of spirit guides from other realms, guiding you towards the path of healing and self-discovery.

In the sacred space she creates, Erin invites you to open your heart and soul, ready to receive the guidance and insights that await. With a keen intuition and a deep connection to the unseen world, Erin accesses what you need to facilitate your healing journey.

If you are open and ready to heal, Erin will guide you through the process, gently illuminating any areas where resistance may lie. Your spirit guides, attuned to your highest good, will bring forth the answers you seek, helping you release darkness and let go of energies that no longer serve you.

As you evolve on your path towards your highest self, Erin's healing sessions become a catalyst for profound change and growth. Each session is a sacred encounter with the divine, offering clarity, healing, and empowerment.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of transformation and healing, let Erin be your guide. Open yourself to the wisdom of the spirit guides, and embrace the light that leads you towards your true essence.

House Cleansing & Curating

Transform your living space into a sanctuary of positive energy and tranquility with Erin Hansen's House Cleansing and Curating services. As a skilled channeler, Erin taps into the energies surrounding your home, facilitating the removal of any energies that do not serve your highest good.

In this unique offering, Erin brings a blend of intuition, spiritual insight, and practical guidance to curate a space where you and your family can thrive. She adeptly identifies areas within your home that may benefit from a shift in energy and offers personalized recommendations to create a harmonious environment.

During the process, Erin performs a sacred ritual, channeling light and protection into the spaces where you live. This ritual serves as a transformative force, infusing positive energy and dispelling any lingering negativity. The result is a home that radiates with positivity, supporting the well-being of all who dwell within.

Erin's house cleansing sessions extend beyond the physical realm, delving into the spiritual energies that may be affecting your space. Whether it's pointing out areas that need a different energetic approach or performing protective rituals, Erin's expertise guides you towards creating a home that aligns with your highest intentions.

Invite balance, light, and protection into your living space with Erin's House Cleansing and Curating services. Elevate the energy of your home, fostering an environment that nurtures your well-being and allows you and your family to flourish.

Individual Sessions

Spiritual Guidance and Energy Healing

Moms' Healing Ceremony

Guided Journey and Healing Ceremony

Home/ Space Cleansing and Spirit Readings

Group Healing and Energy Programs

(in person and online)

Moms' Healing Circle 6- week Program and App

Full Moon Ceremony and Healing Circle

Join us for a transformative Full Moon Ceremony and Healing Circle where we'll harness the powerful energy of the waxing moonlight. As the full moon approaches, you'll have the opportunity to set intentions and prepare for the upcoming lunar cycle.

During this sacred ceremony, participants will experience personalized healing sessions and readings, offering insights and guidance from spirit guides, ancestors, and departed loved ones (for those who are open). We'll create a space of healing, connection, and transformation as we come together in community.

In addition to the ceremony, we'll partake in a tea ritual, nourishing our bodies and spirits as we connect with the energies of the moon. The event is $35 for those bringing their own moon water vessel and $38 for those who would like to purchase one.

Don't miss this opportunity to align with the energies of the full moon and experience the healing power of community. Secure your spot today and join us for an evening of intention-setting, healing, and spiritual connection.

Date: Monday, May 20th, 7:15pm - 8:30pm

Location: [Venue Name]

Ticket Price: $35 (Bring Your Own Moon Water Vessel) / $38 (Purchase a Moon Water Vessel)

Hosted By: Erin Hansen

Erin Hansen is a Shamanic Practitioner, Spiritual Healer, and Medium with a passion for guiding others on their spiritual journey. With years of experience and a deep connection to the spiritual realm, Erin creates a safe and nurturing space for healing and transformation. Her intuitive insights and compassionate approach empower individuals to embrace their authentic selves and live in alignment with their soul's purpose.

We look forward to welcoming you to this transformative Full Moon Ceremony and Healing Circle!

Aya Sol Center

Our Vision

At the Aya Sol Center, we have a vision of vibrant health and joy that will enrich not only ourselves but also future generations. Our unique ostrich logo represents the dispelling of all negative thoughts and serves as an invitation for us all to confront the truth that lies deep within each one of us. Our mission is to help all who cross our path access the power found within themselves while maintaining peace, light and solitude among all beings.

Aya means "please come" and "the path". Sol means "solitude, light, sun. We welcome all to come join us in the light.



*times vary

May 4

9:00 AM - 10:30 AM PST

Group Zoom Reading

$15 to register




May 22, 2024

Full Moon Ceremony

El Segundo, CA


Friday evenings

Once a month

CHADD - ADHD Tween/Teen Group

Torrance, CA


11:00 am

(usually one Saturday a month - will start up when weather gets warmer)

Community Drum Circle

Redondo Beach, CA


After School Enrichment Meditation/Zen Sessions for Kids

S.A.G.E 4 Kids

At your local school

Behind the Center:

Erin Hansen

For years, I had poured my heart and soul into creating community events, coaching others, and helping to heal those in need. Every day, during my meditations, I kept receiving the same message - that a center needed to be created, one that could help even more people and serve as a hub for all of the wellness work I had been doing. At first, I was confused. Did I need a physical space to house all of these classes, despite running events in nature at various beaches and parks? But eventually, the answer became clear to me. And so, All Stages Coaching (ASC) transformed into Aya Sol Center - a heart and light-centered place of wellness, designed to help both individuals and the wider community. Through Aya Sol, I hope to create a warm and inviting space for anyone seeking healing and growth - a space where everyone is welcome, and everyone can find the support they need to thrive.

Hi, I'm Erin Hansen: a passionate healer and teacher helping others learn how to heal themselves. I've been connected with the spirit world since I was young, and now, after many years of fear keeping me silent, my gifts have come alive. After dedicating my life to education as a middle school teacher, trainer, and instructional coach, I found my way to family and parent coaching - and eventually spiritual healing.

Being able to read energy, protect our own energy, and use it for healing is something that I'm incredibly passionate about teaching both children and adults. Recently I've reconnected with my spiritual healing gifts and implemented them into my coaching practice. Besides this work, I organize community events that bring people together like stand up paddle boarding events, moms healing circles, drum circles - all aiming to create a space for natural methods of healing.

On top of all this spiritual work, I also have a background in psychology specializing in ADHD which has led me to offer monthly support groups for parents and kids affected by it. All of this experience has enabled me to provide powerful spiritual healing sessions for everyone who comes across my path seeking help through guidance through connecting with your spirit guides and leading you to connect to other realms so you can remove the blocks and access your true potential. My ultimate goal is to allow others to access their power within so they can heal themselves.


I was so lucky to take part in a beautiful healing circle. It was an absolute amazing experience. Life changing for me.

-Morgan W.

Thank you for holding space for us, Erin. You lead a beautiful open ceremony. Can't wait for the next one! ... Magic.

-Karen F.

Erin is such a kind and lovely person. She puts her heart and soul Into every client and every service she offers. I had a beautiful reading with her and she was spot on the things happening in my life. Excited to try one of her healing circles soon.

-Amy L.

Such great focus. I learned [during the Moms; Healing Circle] to be intentional about asking my spirit guide team for assistance. I loved learning as I went through the course. So grateful for what Erin receives and channels.

-Valerie J.

Erin is an amazing healer. She was able to deeply connect with the situation that I had and help me get through it. You will be impressed and amazed. Spread the light.

-Daniel A.




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